Groshenko’s List: 5 Skincare Essentials

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Every Monday is a new beginning, I begin my Monday morning routine right. I start by cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing my face with @anthonyskincare products. The key to the men’s perfect, healthy facial skin is daily cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

I, myself was guilty of abandoning my facial skin. For instance, I washed it with soap and never moisturized. As a result of that, I began to notice softness of my skin and smoothness fade. However, last year, I encountered a brand which quickly became one of my favorites in the men’s skincare lines. Anthony Skin Care changed the way I treated my skin. I began to use a facial wash which washed away impurities. I then shield it with a moisturizer to protect. I later added exfoliating to my routine which eliminated dead skin cells that clogged the pores. Exfoliating three/four times a week changed my skin for good, the pores are open which means the skin breathes, and looks naturally healthy.

Living a busy life filled with school, work, friends, and traveling can be exhausting. Sometimes, all I would like to do when I arrive home is to shower and jump into my bed. Acquiring the habit of taking care of my face before going to bed took a while. Leaving facial products in the bathtub defiantly helped - try it.

I begin my routine with Facial Scrub (orange) - gently exfoliating my skin and washing off the substance. After, I proceed to the Wake Up Call lotion which wakes my skin after a long night, as well as gives it a fresh look. I then apply Vitamin C Facial Serum, followed by Vitamin A Hydrating Lotion. To finish, I use Instant Fix Oil Control to protect my skin from becoming oily and shiny.

All products can be found at Anthony Skin Care via this link: 

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