Groshenko’s List: 5 Winter Essentials

As the winter days commence to unveil their coldness, I like to begin to wear scarves (1). I think the scarves are that small additional piece to my wardrobe that enhances my well-groomed appearance. My favorite part of wearing scarves is that they are a warm layer - especially if living in New York City.

Men have a range of choices when it comes to scarves- go with the dull colors, unless you know what you are doing. Dark brown, brown, dark blue, cashmere, silk with a cashmere blend, wool, think and thing knits.

The other essential piece (2) is the turtleneck. I prefer the merino wool, cotton, and cashmere fabric as it feels much nicer on my body than raw wool - kind of itchy. The turtleneck is also my go-to when I hurry to a lunch or dinner. Simply throw a blazer over it and the dinner look is ready. I prefer mixing heavy turtlenecks with the thinner blaze.

Speaking of blazers (3) as the fall days have started to subside, the Blazers are a must. Now is the perfect timing to show off your fine RTW. Avoid bright colors, as it’s no longer summer, unless you are in Cali - obviously - I miss LA. I chose settle colors like dark green, blue, in plaid and plane, heavy wool, and light as a heavy turtleneck will keep me warm. Most of my blazers or made from Italian wool as Italians carry the finest quality of the cashmere and wool. A number of companies have manufactured in China, though products are exported from Italy. Be mindful of the sustainability of the product.

A fine cashmere coat (4) in grey or brown will also serve well as the colder days come about. My preferred materials are also wool and cashmere, sometimes a blend as a cashmere coat alone would cost a fortune.

Sunglasses (5) are still a thing in the winter.

Stay warm,

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