Life Changing Bali.

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I found myself at a closed door on a given day. It seemed as if I had tried every key to unlock it, every code combination and approach. I am speaking about my first corporate experience at a Fortune 100 companies.

On a rainy day in September, I was flying from LA after my birthday getaway. I came home to New York to realize that the spark I had had no longer been aflame. I was working a 9-to-5, waking up to commute I disliked, and feeling as if I was missing out on life, waiting to clock out.

3 days later, I finally ended that suffering. I left the company and the program of sped up career development of which I was a part. My inner self was screaming FREE and then I thought: Wait, it is over, what’s next?

For the longest time, one of my friends had been speaking about Bali, and how much that Island moved and changed him. Without thinking for too long I booked the tickets, and a few days later I was on my way to Bali. I had prepared myself not to have any expectation for this journey, outside of trying to find a new purpose in life.

After a 16-hour flight to China and a 5-hour flight to the Island, I finally arrived at the Island of change.

I spent 4 days in Seminyak, surfed, went to the beach clubs to sunset watch, met several people from around the globe. I also came to a wonderful revelation about myself. As introverted as I am, I happened to enjoy making friends and meeting people. I witnessed a different side of me which somehow got lost in the Big Apple.

I knew Seminyak and its leisure was not the experience I came seeking though through that transitioning town I learned my first revelation – Ambivert.

The next day I headed north to Ubud, the city which in native translated as remedy or medicine. The spiritual capital for Yogis and meditation. I was in quest of inner happiness, sense of fulfillment, and mind clearing.

I checked into my villa surrounded by rice fields right outside of the town. I rented a motorbike to get around and went on my first adventure – a coffee shop. There I met another Russian woman who told me everything about Ubud as she spent several years effectively doing yoga and meditation, living a life of no worry. I learned from her about Yoga House and Yoga Barn ( the second is very commercialized, like soul cycle but for yoga). The same evening I proceeded to my first yoga class on the sunset in a bamboo studio housing about 10 people in the middle of the rice fields.

I spent 5 days meditating, doing yoga and meeting locals, though on my 4th day I had an extraordinary experience. I arrived at a Pyramids of Chi-an Australian couple built two pyramids in Ubud upon retiring in the developed nation. One pyramid stands for the sun – larger and orange, the other stands for the moon- smaller and white. As the full moon was giving in to the new, I partook in the full moon ceremony – a group of people gathered around the fire thanking each side of the world for what they were believed to portrait onto the humankind. An American native shaman from the States was leading the ceremony in the tradition of his predecessors. A woman went around holding a saucer of grain, asking to pick a bit and hold it to our hearts thinking of what we would like to give up in the days to come. Every person came to the fire by one throwing that bit of grain into the fire professing a departure of what was wanted to be alleviated.

In silence we walked into the pyramid of Sun, lied down inside on the mat, different musical instruments like barns and plate stood in the middle. They began a guided meditation, my mind was resentful and disbelieved that meditation works, though half an hour in my mind surrendered. I allowed the experience to happen to me, I allowed my mind to wander and explore the hidden areas of my subconsciousness. After the meditation, I shared dinner with the fellow persons who meditated, we all had vast and various experiences. Though one in common, we let yourself be where we usually wouldn‘t and see what we tend to hide. Perhaps a certain relationship that was long gone but lingered, or a friendship that had impacted, or losing a loved one. regardless of the path the meditation took and where it ended, all were jubilant to the experience.

I strongly recommend that you too, experience the Pyramids of Chi when you visit Bali. Being there I discovered what I allowed myself to seek, though what I discovered had had no form or image before its discovery. I am a planner, which made it difficult to allow experiences to happen to me,  though overcame that superiority and control. I had no plans, either an itinerary, though a tiny guide for 15 days and three places: Seminyak, Ubud, and Gili Islands.

We tend to leave, take vacations, run away when faced with adversity. Some criticize for leaving, because in reality no matter how much you travel the baggage left is still there upon your return. Though you have changed and ready to go through it to compartmentalize what has to be.

Take chances, be adventures, and travel if it helps, please do, do travel.

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