Love & Labels: The Beginning


     June 9th early morning, Moscow is engulfed in a cloak of poltergeist-white mist. I am young, no more than 18. I descend into the depths of the city's famous metro. I have been to this station before. Every time I am captivated by magnificent mosaics depicting the history of the USSR. 

     A dilapidated train enters the station and brings me to a railway depot. I wait for my next train in the crowded plaza. At this time, the sun has pushed through its first sun rays lighting up the drab area. The air train arrives to bring me to the Domodedovo airport. As I speed forward, the city slowly disappears from the sight opening up the endless forestry.

     I arrive at the airport. The sky is clear now, and the sun's like a saffron-yellow ball aflame in the sky. I check in my suitcase and stroll down to the boarding gate. It is the first time that I've left Russia, and I am not even nervous. Several hours later the flight to "JFK airport, New York is now boarding” is announced. I hand over the boarding pass to race the sun.

     It seems like time hasn’t moved. I arrive in New York at John F. Kennedy airport in the early afternoon. I take my first step onto American soil, inhale American air and its sense of freedom. I grow uneasy now, and my heart starts racing.

     I catch a cab to the city, an hour later I am in Midtown - electric, diverse, funky and upscale. I stand next to The Empire State Building, look north over The Chrysler Building, I see the yellow cabs pulling out, and ever-rushing pedestrians. The city has quickly become my home.

    I acquire new friends - boys and girls all around the town - bankers, fashionistas, bloggers, club kids and ladies who lunch. One of them is Kevin, he represents the art galleries in the city. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable in art, he also happens to be just as obsessed with shopping as I am.

    I am inviting you on my journey of Love & Labels.


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