Weekend Getaway: Beacon, NY

August 10th, 4PM, racing north on an interstate from New Jersey to Beacon, NY. The clouds were hanging low and the sun was barley pushing through. I thought we would never make it on time before the darkness falls. A quarter past 6, we finally arrived at the open fields full of exceptional iron artwork - Strom King Art Center.

As soon as I made my first steps onto the field the clouds began to vanish, and the sun had laid its last sunrays to golden the surrounding area. The fields momentarily filled with bright green, red and bronze colors showing its full glory to us. I hastily got the camera to take pictures by The Mirror Fence, Three-legged Buddha, Three Elements, Mother Peace, Pyramidian and others. Massive, tall, and pensive structures of mostly iron. About half an hour later the sun fully disappeared leaving us in the drab.

After the field hiking and art observations I proceeded to The Roundhouse restaurant in Beacon. The only fine restaurant in the area. I had shrimp for the appetizer, served with sesame Asian souse and seaweed on the side. For the main I was suggested to order chicken bowl with plantains, rice, and vegetables - I listened. As for the desert I shared a cream jar with peaches, and the sorbet with sautéed sliced apple. A great filling dinner after coming all the way from the city and local exploration.

We stayed local overnight at a modest hotel outside of beacon. In the morning we proceeded to breakfast at a chain Southern restaurant Cracker Barrel. This place brought me memories of my spring volunteering in Florida with Habitat for Humanity, because there I visited CB for the first time.

Dia:Beacon was my next stop, a spacious art gallery in Beacon, NY where I spent about 3 hours wondering around, looking at modern and contemporary art. I could spend hours talking about a piece and yet I will see it differently than you do... It’s fascinating how the art is presumed differently by each and every one of us…




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