Weekend Getaway: Los Angeles, CA


I hopped off a plane at LAX… On the early morning of September. The sky was clear and the cool, dry air fills my lungs as I waited for my friend to pick me up at the airport.

I booked my hotel in K town which is situated between West Hollywood and downtown. On our way there we stopped by ALFRED in Beverly Hills. I ordered the breakfast burrito - such an LA way to begin a day. The wrap filled with potato, bacon, avocado, eggs and a special sauce quickly won my heart. After which we proceeded to The LINE Hotel where I stayed for the next several days. My Boutique room had panoramic, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city.

After checking in, I spent the day by the pool on the second level of the Hotel. I went to The CATCH to celebrate my birthday in the company of my friend Ty. I began celebrating my birthday a week before. I was inclined to spend as much time with all of my friends as possible. I first went to Washington DC with my best friend the previous weekend. After which, Monday through Thursday I was celebrating at JoJo on Upper East Side, Color Factory, Prince in SoHo, etc. During my time in LA, The CATCH was a great highlight of my dining experience in Los Angeles. We shared grilled fish and steak, with the sides of Brussel sprouts, lobster with mashed potato, and grilled mushrooms. All while J Corden was serving drinks at the bar and filming his show. For the dessert, I was surprised by Ty with the “HIT ME” chocolate cake - I literally had to hit it. The layers of liquid “Klondike”, roasted white chocolate ice cream, soaked brownies, and devil’s food.


The next day I had a small photoshoot in the hotel with one of the Vogue and Elegant photographers. Several hours later, after breakfast - I had the ALFRED burrito again - we proceeded to Beverly Hills to the famous palm tree allay. Driving down the Sunset Boulevard blasting the “You Have Stolen My Heart” by Dashboard, we ended up in Santa Monica Pier. The heavy fog was rolling in as we pulled in to the Pier, It quickly reminded me of the computer game GTA I used to play growing up. Strolling down the pier we decided to take a ride on the famous Ferris wheel to see the beach from the high. Later, we drove back to the city to a hokey pizza place located by The Grove shopping center.


Waking up at 6 am is not my favorite way to start a day. However, I was thrilled to wake up that morning to head down to the Salvation monument about an hour passed Palm Springs. The playground for gypsy artists at 100 Fahrenheit, where Kesha filmed her “Praying” song filled with funky pieces of broken cars and machinery. This place is known for its mountain covered in colors and painted in tens bright of colors with a “GOD is LOVE” sign (see photos below). I quickly noticed how a little it takes a person to be happy. Gypsies rode the bikes in the heat of the sun while singing songs, smiling, and laughing, as we drove through the open space gallery.

After leaving this place we headed for the Palm Springs, rather sophisticated and upscale destination to relax. We had lunch at the Parker Hotel, not only the Parker but the whole city was frozen in the 50s vibe. Being very close to the border, the Mexican food was loved by the visitors, including us.

P.S. It was a terrific adventure, and I encourage you to live to the fullest, travel, and try new things. We live once, no need to wait till tomorrow. It is now that makes your memories.





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